Mac's works evolve around the behaviour of the beholder, be it the postures that are assumed during the process of discussing works of art or the anticipatory pose that the artist assumes when perceiving the future vista of their work.

As a conceptual performance artist, Mac is no stranger to the process of energetical transference, the reallocation of meaning. 'Wildpfad' German for hidden trail is a poetic manifestation of both the interest in beholder behaviour and the beauty of a basic formal concept.

The installation consists of two cameras that create motion-triggered snapshots of two different areas. One is located at the back of the building monitoring a hidden trail. The other is triggered by movement on the public asphalt in front of the building. While the rear camera captures movement on the subversive trail, revealing what was meant to be hidden, the front camera is aimed at the public and is openly visible. The Gaimanesque images created at the rear are censored appropriately and displayed publicly at the front of the building, the uncensored images from the front become hidden - are displayed at the rear, barely accessible part of the building.

'Wildpfad' may also incorporate snap shots of performative activity occurring on the hidden trail. The images will be updated continuously for the duration of the exhibition.

$narrator in 'Spin John' - Exhibition Katalogue :: 28/06/2018 - 01/07/2018

++ photographies taken by a trail scouting camera ~ 2018 ~ 8,6 x 10,8 cm ~ fotoprints ++